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Make a Statement with an Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress

by | March 29, 2020

There is no questions that the off the shoulder wedding dress is always a good wedding gown choice. She's ICONIC, she’s GLAM she’s ELEGANT. An off the shoulder wedding dress look that has stood the test of time.  Women can be seen wearing off the shoulder gowns in paintings dating back to the mid-1800s (oo a fun fact). Whether the gown is a mermaid, ball gown, sheath or a line there is no gown that an off the shoulder doesn’t look fab on. The look is soft and feminine and truly is a beautiful wedding look. 

There is something about an off the shoulder look that when it is done right it is incredibly complimentary for everyone. It perfectly highlights any neckline, fabric, or style whether that be beading, tulle, shoulder lace, long sleeve, chiffon, plus size, beaded, etc. What is so amazing about this shape is that it sets up the perfect hourglass shape on the body. It frames the shoulders and widening the shoulder line makes the waist look snatched. It creates the inverted triangle shape on the body and that enhances the hourglass shape. If that is the look that you are going for your day, then the off the shoulder gown is the one for you!

An off the shoulder look is also something so feminine. Exposing the top of the shoulder is a gentle almost ethereal look to the gown which only enhances the romantic feel of your day!

In regards to shape, there is nothing more classic and elegant than an off the shoulder A-line gown. Think Audrey Hepburn classic, what more could you want?! Then there is the mermaid shape of the gown that off the shoulder gives more of a sexy glam vibe. Think J.Lo glam. And isn’t that the dream?    

There are so many different kinds of off the shoulder looks. One of our favorites is an off the shoulder lace wedding dress or one detailed with appliques. There is also the straight satin fabric that creates an incredible formal structure. The chic line creates an elegant and sophisticated look that would be perfect for anyone's classic wedding. If you are looking to have more of a romantic ethereal vibe for your day, find a gown with an off the shoulder sleeve that has a little bit more movement to it. If the sleeve dips down and around your shoulder almost like the Belle sleeve in Beauty and the Beast it adds a whimsical vibe to the gown. We love! 

There is an off the shoulder look for every bride's look. Especially if you find yourself torn between a strapless and long sleeve wedding dress. If you're going for glam chic there is a gown for you, if you are going for romance there is a gown for you! The off the shoulder look is timeless, classic and always beautiful. You can even do an off the shoulder look with your ball gown wedding dress if you wanted. What more could you want? Happy shopping!  

Gown Pictured: M. Markle
Photo Credit: Elmtree Weddings