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Wedding, Interrupted: All the Coronavirus-Related Resources You Need, In One Place

by | March 30, 2020

Stuck in reverse? We get it – to be a 2020 bride in the middle of a global pandemic is enough stress to push you ever so slightly over the edge. We’re talking Britney Spears, circa 2007. We know that the thought of postponing, or worse, canceling your wedding is one no bride expects to face due to circumstances beyond their control, and as a result, can leave you feeling helpless, guilty and uninspired. But before it gets toxic, we want to remind you that despite dashed plans, love always wins (and will prevail again!).

Below, we’ve put together a crash course of articles to help you adjust to the ‘new normal’ in wedding planning from the best sources on the web right now. Let’s get into it.


Need to Postpone (or Cancel) Your Wedding? Here's How to Do It 

Covers everything from what to consider, what it will cost and how to let guests know down to what to discuss with vendors and the necessary returns and cancellations.

How to Reschedule Your Wedding Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Speaks on topics regarding custom orders, tracking down your wedding dresses and date changes to staying flexible and on track with final wedding payments.

What to Do About Your Wedding During the Coronavirus Pandemic 

Advice from wedding planners on what to do and when. 

These are the Top Questions Engaged Couples Have about Coronavirus Right Now

The top COVID-19 questions couples are currently asking answered matter of factly.

Wedding Planning During COVID-19: Advice for Couples 

Expert and detailed wedding advice for navigating COVID-19 wedding changes including a 9-step checklist.


Finding Support After Calling Off the Wedding

Might we suggest either phoning a friend, fellow bride-to-be, or turning to social media to lick your wounds?

To Postpone or Cancel? Brides Around the World Are Weighing Their Options Amid the Coronavirus 

Small anecdotes of fellow brides around the world going through shared experiences due to Coronavirus.

*P.S. Our favorite source of moral support is the Floravere Brides Facebook Group, where you can get unbiased advice, or just a virtual hug, any hour of the day. Join the conversation here


The Sunny California Wedding That Pivoted to a Zoom Meeting 

Zoom meetings are the new civil ceremony.

I Felt Pressure to Be a Cool Bride Even as My Wedding Was Falling Apart 

How one bride’s almost-canceled wedding made for a crazy story.

A Rush of City Hall Marriages as the Coronavirus Pandemic Arrives 

Because love can’t wait. The NYT profiles a number of interesting couples spontaneously making things official in a race against time.

They Eloped on the Way to Their Wedding

Elopement: next exit. Couple Brooke Cook and Brad Wilson take a wedding detour on their journey from New York City to Dallas to tie the knot.

Coronavirus Outbreak: Uplifting Moments Of Generosity We Need To See 

12 newsworthy moments to read about when searching for a much needed boost of serotonin.

Illustration by Livia Soong