Use code ENGAGEMENTSEASON for your complimentary home try-on.
Use code BRIDEANDGROOM to order home try-on of any gown for just $25.
Use code TEAMBRIDE for your complimentary home try-on with a deposit. The amount shown at checkout will be 100% refunded when your samples are returned.

Can you ship samples internationally or outside the contiguous US?

As we grow, we very much hope to be able to offer our home try-on program to our friends outside the 48 states (hello, Hawaii/Alaska/Puerto Rico!) & to our international brides.

However, at this time, we are only able to offer our signature Bride Box (with its home try-on samples) to our customers in the contiguous Unites States simply due to high international/overseas shipping costs. But text (310) 596-1612 or email us at and let's see if we can work something out. 

How much will my Bride Box cost?

Unlike brick-and-mortar dress shops, we want to be totally up-front with what things cost (and why!). To allow us to offer our convenient at-home experience, we charge $25 per dress and free shipping both ways (up to 3 samples). If you fall in love with one of our dresses and decide to live happily ever after with it, we’ll credit all Home Try-on costs! Which makes your try-on free. Easy peasy.

So to sum it up:
$25 (per sample)
Free shipping, both ways (up to 3 samples)
= $25 for 1 sample, $50 for 2 samples, $75 for 3 samples

*With a final gown order, all sample fees credited back (aka free)!

How long do I have to try on my sample dresses?

Ship back your dresses after 3 days. If the 3rd day is a Sunday or holiday, drop it off the day after. We strive to give you timely updates on the status of your delivery + you can track your shipment via Fedex so that you can know ahead of time when to expect it.

At midnight on the third day the dresses turn into pumpkins. Just kidding. If you need them a bit longer for some reason, talk to us and we'll try our best to accomodate! 

If we don't hear from you and seven days go by after your Bride Box was delivered, we’ll assume you're keeping the samples and charge you the full price of the gown(s).

What if I need more time with my sample dresses?

We know firsthand that planning a wedding is like herding cats. If you need a little more time, text us at (310) 596-1612 or email us at to give us a heads up. We can work something out.

How do I return the samples?

Everything you need to return your dress samples comes in your Bride Box. Package up the gowns securely in their original packaging (with all tags attached), affix the return label, and mail back with FedEx. We’ll email you if there are any problems with your sample return; if you don't get an email from us, you can assume that your samples are safe and sound!

Do I have to pay for shipping since I have to return all the sample dresses?

Nope! Your Bride Box cost includes free shipping, both ways. 

Why are samples only offered in two size brackets?

Our samples are designed to give you an idea of style and silhouette, of tactile fabrics and gorgeous finishes, not to establish a perfect fit right off the bat. The Bridal Industry sample standard is a single, “Bridal Sized” 12, and we felt that a XS/S + M/L size range would be a much better way to get a sense of the dress on your body. As we grow, we’d love to offer more sample sizes (here’s looking at you true M’s and XL’s), but for now this range is what we're able to offer.

What size sample should I order?

We offer two size ranges, XS/S for sizes 0-6 and M/L for sizes 6-12. If you’re a smaller size 6 (sometimes you wear a 4), stick with XS/S. If you're a larger size 6 (sometimes you wear an 8), stick with M/L. When in doubt, order up.

Just like in a bridal boutique, we’ll include clips in your Bride Box and step-by-step directions so that you can “tailor” and cinch the dress during your try-on session (but without any of the pushy manhandling).

Any fees or fine print?

Help us help you. As long as your samples are returned with all tags attached, in the condition you received them, we're all good.

Unfortunately, if samples come back with any new damage, stains, or signs of wear beyond trying on indoors, fees do indeed apply. We hate hidden fees as much as the next person, so here they are:

Major stains: $150 cleaning fee
Zipper damage: $125 repair fee
Other rips/tears: $175+ repair fee

Text us at (310) 596-1612 if you want to talk about extending your time with your samples - we're flexible! If we don't hear from you, after 7 days from delivery of your Bride Box we'll assume you're keeping the dresses.

If the dress is damaged beyond repair, we will have to charge you for the full price of the gown. We hate to go there, so kindly treat the samples with some TLC and return them on time. Any questions? Text (310) 596-1612 or email if you have any doubts.

When will my samples ship? How will I know my dresses are on their way? 

We know. Waiting for your dress is like the day before summer break. Can’t. Get. Here. Fast. Enough. Once your order is placed, we'll send you a confirmation email with a link to your order status, which will update with a tracking number once we ship your gowns. If you’re anything like us, you’ll also want some real-time updates. We offer SMS text updates as well as email updates once your package is shipped with updates when your Bride Box is out for delivery and delivered.

We strive to ship samples promptly, but keep an eye on your tracking number to see when it is expected to arrive!

Why these silhouettes?

One thing we’ve loved about the weddings we’ve been to (and been in) is how each dress seems so perfect for each bride and for each wedding. We put together a tightly curated and timeless capsule collection of classic silhouettes that our own friends would wear. From the traditionalist to the iconoclast, we think there’s something perfect (and totally flattering) for every bride and every body. Want recommendations based on your body, venue, mood? Text or email us, we'd love to walk you through it: (310) 596-1612  or

Can I wear the sample dress to my wedding and then return it?

Though we applaud your gusto (and thanks for asking): NOPE. Sample tags must all remain attached. And we think it would look pretty strange walking down the aisle with tags attached, don't you?

Can you help me pick something out?

We love talking wedding dresses!  Text (310) 596-1612 or e-mail anytime and one of our stylists will be happy to chat about style, vibe, and silhouette.

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