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How to try Floravere wedding dresses at home

Read More About Our Online Wedding Dress Shopping Vision
When we started dreaming of a wedding dress startup to try on wedding dresses at home we knew we had to reinvent the wedding dress shopping experience all together. What we created is the first direct to consumer wedding dress company. We wanted brides to not only browse wedding dresses online, but be able to actually buy the wedding dress online that they’ve been browsing (no more dream-crushing Pinterest images with broken links!). We knew that since every dress is made to order, it should be customized exactly how the bride wants it, so we created customizations for you to design your own wedding dress online. We knew that we could source the same fabrics, and use the same couture artisans at the same labels, but without charging the same designer markups to deliver brides a designer wedding dress for less. Better still, shipping the dress directly to you means fast wedding dresses, because not all of us can pick out a dress 9+ months in advance. Our result? Cool wedding dresses for cool brides, with a process that helps you keep your cool. Have your cake and eat it too.
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