We created the bridal experience we wish we had when we were enagaged

When our founder, Molly, got engaged, she was surprised to find that shopping for a wedding dress was overwhelmingly ... un-fun.
floravere wedding dress

"By appointment only. Price upon request."

It seemed that just about every step of buying a truly special, luxury wedding dress was antiquated and difficult.
floravere dress

Molly's dress journey:

Actually finding those runway gowns from her Pinterest board? Impossible. Most dresses were either over-the-top cupcakes or of questionable quality (hello, mass produced pounds of polyester).

The in-store experience was inconvenient - and high pressure. Tuesday afternoon appointments, hovering saleswomen, mysterious back rooms (which meant Molly couldn't even pick out the dresses herself).

Sticker shock when prices were finally revealed. Five figure price tags were the norm for couture. Plus incredibly long lead times that didn't work with her wedding date.
floravere dress
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So, what was a girl to do?

floravere founder molly
Molly knew there had to be a better way. Thus, Floravere was born: modern luxury bridal, with a digital first shopping experience fit for today's savvy woman.
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